Retirement List is out!

Hey, all. Sorry for the lack of communication lately. I have a son graduating high school shortly and there are not enough hours in any of my days!! 

Wanted to check in quick though and post the retirement list. Note, all products are While Supplies Last except for stamps. They will be produced through May 26. Last date for all products, June 2.  Note the far right column will have an X if the item is no longer available.

Click the following links for the type of list desired:

Contact me if you have any questions or need anything!! This will probably be the last communication until a few days after Graduation, May 16. I will answer emails or calls though, if you need something, please ask!!

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Weekly Deals April 7-13 2015

Here are the Weekly Deals for April 7-13 2015!

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Also here are the Weekly Deals for last week-ending today so act quick if you're interested!!