Stamped Plate

I was given this plate several years ago by my friend who got me into stamping. When she saw it at a Southern Living at Home party, she knew I'd love to stamp it! and I do. I change it seasonally and have it sitting on the bar in my kitchen, usually with a "welcome" on it. Not that anyone ever comes to see it, LOL! Here are two pics, the first from the summer version, the second from fall. Sorry that neither is a very good pic! It's hard to photograph as it reflects the flash! and I never think about it when I have good daylight light!

I never really liked this one because there wasn't enough contrast from the ribbon. It was a little too Blah! I like a little pop! This second one is better.

This one has great contrast from the ribbon, and it looks very good with my kitchen counter top that is a green/brown/tan spec pattern. It's about time to change it though, either for Thanksgiving, or Christmas! I'm SOOO not ready for the Holiday Season!!

PS. I have NO IDEA if this is still available! I believe it was called a Ribbon plate, or something like that. I've had it since 2002 or 2003, I can't remember. It's very fun to stamp though, just use Craft Pads! The Classics run (bleed) on the plate's finish!

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Anonymous said...

COOL!!! I love those plates! How neat...I have never seen anything like that. The 2nd one is really pretty, I LOVE that ribbon! Both are great, of course..but like you said, the more colorful one is just superb! Awesome!