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Wow, everyone, sorry about the hiatus! I knew it had been awhile, didn't realize that long! It's been a little busy, not crazy, and I've been sick too. Had a head cold stick around a little too long, and I'm almost done with the antibiotic! It's also calving season here on the farm and that's been interesting-details later! They are fun to watch run around and play (as long as they stay within the fences!), but their arrival can be stressful!! I have some pics of some of them I'll see about posting later this week!

Here are some cards I made last week with a group of local demos. These ARE NOT my creation! I was lucky enough to be included with a local group to complete some projects sent by their upline. Note that neither of these are full card size!

Isn't this duck just too cute? His bill actually opens! LMK if you have questions on how he was done!

This is a matchfold card. I put the red ribbon around the bottom of the card, with the "grass" inside the bottom fold. Again, let me know if you have questions on how it was done!

I will be back soon with more creations-I'm heading up to the stamp room now with several sketches in hand! I will also have a Sunflower Seed (aka Blog Candy) sometime soon as I've just passed my second blogaversary! So, check back with me VERY SOON!!!

Don't forget too that SAB is winding down and your chance to earn FREE goodies will be ending soon. Well, this chance for free goodies I should say! Contact me if you need to place an order, or go here and order online! Thanks for stopping by.

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Anonymous said...

These are just great! Thanks for sharing. I never did ask you how regional was!!! Let me know! :D