My Paper Pumpkin Info and Special!!!

Howdy all!! Big surprise---I made it into the stamp room today and spent some time there!!

I cleaned up a bit and decided to help me get back into stamping I was going to work through some of the My Paper Pumpkin kits I've received this year. Imagine my surprise when I went to the demo site and found a special for you on My Paper Pumpkin!!

You are probably asking yourself, what is My Paper Pumpkin? I've been neglectful and haven't mentioned it at all, but it is a monthly creative escape that comes to your door each month for just $19.95!!! SU! came out with it earlier this year. I signed up so that I could share them with you, but that hasn't happened. But I'm making it my mission to catch up and get back into this!! Look at this bright, cheery box that arrives in your mail...

 and inside the box,

Under the tissue wrapping and note is your surprise of the month!! Each kit has everything you need to complete the enclosed project except adhesive. Ink, stamps, paper-all included!!

Let me mention the special to you, then I'll show you a couple of the kits. I'll be back over the next few days with more! I think my first kit was dated March so I have a few to work through!!

The special: Sign up now (before February 10 2014) and receive FREE a set of 2012-2014 In Color markers!! These are valued at $14.95 and will be included in your Welcome Kit! That is a GREAT deal!! Sign up HERE at My Paper Pumpkin website! Make sure it shows you my name when you register!!

OK, first up is the Try It Kit! This one is available to you to order to try the My Paper Pumpkin for just 16.95!! You can order it through my Demo Website (under Kits), or through My Paper Pumpkin. I actually have a couple on hand too, if you are local and want to try it I'll bring you one and save you the shipping!

Here is the kit and the goodies inside! Note, the first few boxes were not the bright cheery color they are now!

This kit makes a cute journal! Actually, two of them! Above you see the products included. Below is the instruction sheet. Nice, color picture on the front, instructions inside the folder..

 Here is the completed journal!

Next up is the Welcome Kit. This is the first one that everyone receives and it includes a Clear Block, size D! Another GREAT Deal!!

Above is the kit as it came out of the box. Stamps, paper, ink, instructions, and the bonus clear block. Below is the finished card, one of the four that the kit makes!

I've decided to mail these cards out this week, so watch your mail box-one might be arriving!! Please contact me if you have any questions about My Paper Pumpkin!! I'm heading to grab some leftover Chinese for dinner, then back to the stamp room to work through more My Paper Pumpkin kits!! and maybe a Challenge or two now that I can see my table and have some room to work :)

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