Batter Up Paper Pumpkin

Hey all! Yep, still here! Sorry, crazy start to our summer. It's always busy for us this time of year, but we've got few extra things going on this year. I did take myself up to the stamp room Thursday evening and grabbed the May Paper Pumpkin, Batter Up. Love these cards - they take me back to the baseball days of the boys and running all over :)

Classic box this month.

Packet inside and instructions. And, wow, the instructions are MUCH better!! No picture, but trust me!

The stamp set, ink and surprise! I totally forgot about the bubble gum but it was so fun! Haven't had any in a very long time :) Note the different options for the stamp set. Dad, Mom, Brother, Uncle, Friend etc.

And a look at the kit when open. Card bases, envelopes, printed pieces, dimensionals, thread etc!

And finally the finished cards. Once again, I put them together as instructed. I did omit the "tag" on two of them. Uncle, son, etc. Not exactly sure what to call them. I figure I can add before sending if I want, or just leave them blank.

Very fun and great additions to my masculine stash. Thanks for stopping by today! Hoping to get back to the stamp room - we shall see!

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