Thank you Stamping Friends!

Look what I received in the mail yesterday from the ladies I was supposed to be meeting Friday night.

It's so pretty IRL! And the little envelope opens up and has a saying inside. Too cute! Don't know what the stamps are, but doesn't matter! It's the thought that counts. And, I may have to copy that saying on front "One-of-a-kind people deserve one-of-a-kind cards." Love it!
If anybody reading this know, please LMK if that's an actual stamp, or a personalized one somebody made up. I think I need one!
Thanks again ladies for thinking of me! I'm still sorry I didn't make it down. I considered having my husband drive me, but I was a bit shaken, and covered in Taco Dip! Lesson learned: don't travel with a 9x13 of dip on the front seat!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful card. Let us know if it's a stamp and where we can get it. That's a wonderful saying.

paulssandy said...

Tagging the rainy day away, and I chose you :) So.....You've just been TAGGED!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that was so nice of the ladies! Beautiful card, they are so thoughtful...doesn't that make you feel so wonderful??!!
I'm so glad you are OK, and not seriously hurt. . . what a scary accident. Have a great weekend!