A Day Late

and a dollar short is the old saying isn't it??? Well, that's me!!! I'm a last minute stamper and can't seem to do it any other way! I promised this yesterday, but tonight will have to do! Good news is that all 21 are ready for the mail tomorrow leaving plenty of time to arrive by their Monday deadline!

Bad news is that sparkles don't scan well! Guess I need to try a camera, but it's dark now and I don't think that would work either. But, trust me when I say-it sparkles! All the snowflakes & the "Cheers" are embossed with Hologram Highlights EP. I'm a little tired of embossing, but do like the way this came out! Color is Soft Sky.

I have several other projects on my agenda, so stay tuned for more creations in the next few days!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see this IRL, so I can see all the SHINE! It's really pretty, and I know that embossing has to look GREAT! Beautiful card! :)