New Demo Websites!!!

SU! has finally released the new demonstrator business websites. They are very cool! Just wanted to post a quick note so you could all check it out. My web address is http://jenniferweide.stampinup.net. Feel free to bookmark it! If you happen to have it bookmarked already, please update it to remove the "www". It's not a major thing, but the sites were originally designed to not have that included, and it wasn't working earlier today by using it.

They still don't have online customer ordering, but we can hope for someday! You can sign up to be a demo thru my site though, you just have to contact me for a password. How cool is that??? If you'd like to discuss the reasons you should do that, please contact me!

I don't have a lot of personalized projects on there yet, but I will as time goes by! LMK what you think and if you need any project instructions or supplies!

For those of you in this area, I'm still looking for club members too! I'll be emailing again soon about it!

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