Popsicle Cards

I was inspired by the creativity of Patty Bennett for this last Club Project. I was actually very stuck on what to do, until I remembered these! There have been several versions floating around, but Patty took time to do directions. Which helped me tremendously because I was VERY sleep deprived right before club last week!

Here are the versions I came up with:

These are alot of fun and quite simple! I wanted to mention to my club ladies though, that we didn't do the stick right! I was sleep deprived-please remember that! I had them on the back of the card-wrong! Thread them through on the inside, under the white layer. See the link above to Patty's directions if you don't see what I'm saying! They work fine the way we did them, the stick will just be a little more hidden the other way!

Thank you to my club ladies!! I've had lots of fun the last 6 months. My best creativity comes out while coming up with the projects for club! I'm looking forward to the next round!! I'm headed upstairs to work on my room. The ladies are coming here in a few weeks-YIKES!!! Just like with stamping though, I work best under pressure and when I have a reason! Save up your $$ ladies-I'm digging out retired sets by the BOXES!!!!!


Patty Bennett said...

Love all your different versions! Great Job ! :) Patty

Anonymous said...

Omigosh, these are ADORABLE! I've got to try them! :)