Dry Embossing Samples

By request, we did some Dry Embossing cards at club. I hadn't done it for quite a while, but here's what I came up with.

The color on this is off, but I went ahead with it because you can (sort of) see the dry embossing.

The petals from Pick a Petal are So Saffron, the center Brocade Blue on Very Vanilla. Base Layer on card is Brocade, with a Saffron layer next to the Vanilla.

I started by stamping the solid image (the larger one with the circles within) in the center of the card to serve as the center of the flower. I stamped the ink off once before stamping on the cardstock. I then did the petals, doing a + with four, then an x with the other 4. Hope that makes sense. It helped me to space them.. I also inset the + 4 a little more than the x 4. Clear as mud??

After the petals were done, I came back with the outline circle in the Center with full strength Brocade Blue and the 'wonderful' from Warm Words.

Next is the dry embossing. The order here: Put your Brass Template down on the light table, turn your stamped image upside down and line up the stamped petal inside the template petal. Using the larger end of your stylus, trace inside all the petals, then the circle in the center. Fill in with random dots above, below & beside the flower.

Using a glue dot, add a button in the center that has been tied with coordinating embroidery thread and you're done!

And then, for another look, we did this card. The lighting again isn't the greatest, but you can see the dry embossing. All of our templates have the holes for paper piercing as well as embossing, so we did both on this one using the Priceless set and template.

We first dry embossed the flourish in opposite corners angled to the center. This is a fine line template so you'll need to use the small end of the stylus! Once that is done, you can stamp the butterflies and the Priceless in the corner. The card base is Basic Gray, with a Pixie Pink layer and Whisper White. The butterflies are in Pixie Pink, the Priceless in Basic Gray. We then dry embossed around the butterflies with the template (again, template down & turn image upside down to line up). Using the template again, we picked up a needle from the Crafters Tool Kit and pierced the swirl coordinating with the dry embossed flourish. Line up your flourish before piercing! Lastly we added a dark silver brad from the Vintage brads set.

Enjoy! Back later with the bag I did last night!

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Anonymous said...

I love the second card! Pixie Pink is so pretty. I have some, I have to work with it. It looks like the butterflies had been cut out and glued on. Looks cool!