Sorry this is late. I was having a lazy day yesterday, and was to into watching movies/reading a book to come downstairs and do this! Everybody needs a day like that sometimes!! Today could be another with the way it looks outside, but I need to do some cleaning & laundry-we shall see! My boys are already camped out on the couch watching a movie!

To the winners:

For Seed One:

ANNE with this comment: Ooh, this set looks like it would be SO much fun! I absolutely LOVE sentiment sets! Hope you draw my number, hehe :-)
4/2/09 3:16 PM

I'm pretty sure this is my local stamping friend Anne, YEAH!!

And for Seed Two:


Cheryl was one who was having trouble with the comments so I entered her via email. She is in my local stamping club, YEAH again!

I will be in touch ladies!!

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