New Look, New Catalog!

I've spent some time today changing my look! Well, my blog look anyway, I now have a sidebar on each side, with the main posts in the middle. LMK if something doesn't look right on your end! I've checked on the browsers that I have, but all are different.

On the left side you will find new buttons which are links to new catalogs and specials. Check them out!

I have new catalogs!! Do you need one?? If you are in the area (South East Nebraska), check out the next post for Open House details.

If you are out of the area and would like a catalog, you may pay $5 through PayPal below to cover shipping and I will send you the new catalog.

Have a great day all!

ETA: I corrected the PayPal button. If you tried before and it didn't work, please try again! Or, let me know if it isn't working! Thanks! 11pm 7/2/09

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diane mcvey said...

This looks great!!! Lots of things to click on, and great information! Can't wait for the Open House...I hope I can come to the Sunday one! It would be great to see some WOMEN!!! :D