End of Catalog-VERY near!

Wow, where has this month gone? Well, I know where mine went-baseball! But that is approaching the end and I'm sure I will miss it when it's done. Same with the catalog! June 30 is the LAST day for the current catalog! I just updated the Last Chance Accessories list with what has sold out. I moved that post up closer to the top, so just scroll down briefly. If you are a procrastinator, PLEASE let me know ASAP if you need to order. I have a club order going in tomorrow so if you're in the area we can add it to that! Or, click here & Shop Now!

Hope your summer is going well! Fast for sure here. And it was VERY hot & miserable this week. Today was better and I hope it stays a little cooler!

Remember to check the retiring sets (Click HERE) and make sure you didn't miss purchasing one you can't live without! Double check!!

Off to create club projects for tomorrow! Yes I am a procrastinator!!!

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