Color Renovation

After much research and study, Stampin' Up! has decided it's time for a Color Renovation. What does that mean? They are completely overhauling our color families. THIS IS A GOOD THING!!! Very fresh!! Here is a look at what the new colors will be:

The new terminology is Color Collections and we have 4 now, made up of 25 Carryover, 10 returning In Colors and 5 new Core Colors. We will still have In Colors, 5 new introduced each year and lasting 2 years. Yep, I said In Colors will be around for 2 years! YEAH!! I love the look of this new collection and can't wait to see the new colors!

Here is a listing of the colors that will be retiring at the end of this catalog. This all takes effect with the next catalog starting July 1. So, if you have favorites that you absolutely can't live without-stock up NOW!! Ink, cardstock, markers, etc.

Take your time and process all of this. I will admit that I was quite shocked at first, but after taking time to process it all, I am now very excited! Change is GOOD!!! SU! plans to keep it a fresh palette by making necessary adjustments every 3-5 years. They expect those to be much less of an impact than this one.

Let me know if you have questions. And again, don't panic. It's only April. The current colors are all around through June so you have time to get them.

Click on the pictures to enlarge the color charts to see them better.

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