Garage Sale Reminder!! Saturday 09/22/18

**Posting the details of the Garage Sale again as a reminder!

Below are details for my upcoming Garage Sale. Please read all the way through and please share with friends that would be interested!! I am not advertising this except here, by email to my contacts, and posting on my Sunflower Stamper and personal Facebook pages.

September 22, 2018. Saturday. 9 am to 3 pm. 
My Garage, Crete NE.
 Please contact me for the exact address if you don't have it!

Life has been working against my making the progress I wanted, but I can say for sure there will be LOTS of stamp sets! Last count, over 500. I'm on the last box! 😊 Don't judge! Realize this is many years of accumulation! I can’t remember the last time I did any sort of purge. Once or twice since moving out here (14-1/2 years ago!), but nothing recently. Next priority will be punches and Big Shot products as many of those coordinate with stamps and my hope would be to get them together, or at least the option to purchase them at the same time. Cardstock in previous colors is already sorted, just needs prices. Working on ink pads and markers. There is also lots of 12 x 12 Designer Paper, but no promises yet on that.

OK, now for a few rules. Sorry, have to!

  1. Prices will NOT be negotiable on Sale day. I don’t have time for that! I’m marking stamps down at least 30% from catalog price, maybe more. That is a great deal! These products do NOT lose their value and I’m not factoring in any tax or shipping that was paid.
  2. Products are sold as is, and all sales are final. ** If I know something doesn’t work, or isn’t in great shape, it will not be included. The only thing I can think of that might be an issue here is ink. I’m not opening or checking those, but they will be priced much lower than retail!
  3. Payments accepted in cash, check or credit card. I have a Square account that I can process on my phone, or maybe a tablet. Checks will require ID and a phone # for those I may not know.

I would appreciate an RSVP if you are planning to come so I know if I need help!

Thank you all! Contact me if any questions! Oh, but please don’t ask me if I have certain products, or if I can hold something for you! Not an option at this point!

You can find updates on my Facebook Page, Sunflower Stamper  There may not be many this week as I'm traveling for work. I'll be spending every minute I can getting more things ready to go though!!

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