Something for Everything!

Paper Pumpkin December 2019!! It has been awhile since I shared one of these kits. Probably because I haven't fully completed one for awhile but here is this one!! And BONUS!! Read all the way through, then pop over to my Facebook page if you'd like to try THIS kit!!

OK, a walk through of the kit and creating process! At the bottom, check the story for your chance to win a kit to try!

We start with the arrival of the box! Love the color of these. Happy Mail at it's BEST!!

Occasionally they vary these, but this is the basic!!

Next, open and see what is inside! First glimpse is always light blue tissue and the stamp and ink spot.

Under the tissue is the "kit". Shrink wrapped supplies, instructions, generally with a card board base.

What you see there on top is the instruction sheet. Always a color picture on top, product details on the back and step by step instructions inside.

Open the kit and see all the pieces!!

This one had 12 card bases, 12 envelopes, die cut tags for the sayings, adhesive die cuts for card details, rhinestones, dimensionals and gold die cuts!!

A closer look at the stamp set. Two pics follow because the words are placed several different ways. If you need more details, please ask and I'll list them all. Something for everyone is the name, and the sayings to cover most all the bases!! *click to enlarge. I put dark cardstock behind hoping you could see better!

Stamped sayings I chose. I opted for sayings I knew I would send the cards with. Just Because. Happy Birthday. Congratulations. Hey, Friend.

I have many extra of these to use on other cards!! And finally, the completed cards!

Lots of fun! I kept them pretty basic, and like the samples and instructions indicated. Not a have too - every month there are variations out there! Creativity at it's best!!

OK, now for the rest of the story! These kits normally ship around the 12th. They delayed them just a bit in December. And then, Holiday mail issues. Mine didn't come, and didn't come. Tracking showed it was "stuck" in Omaha. I finally contacted Demo Services and they sent another. Guess what! About 3 days later the original showed up. So, I have a FULL, untouched second kit. Free to someone!  Pop over to my Facebook page and find the post mentioning this. Comment why I should give this kit to you and maybe it will be yours! Wow me with your answer and I'll pick you. Otherwise I'll do a random pick :)

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