Retiring and Carry Over from Mini Catalog!

Howdy all! So sorry for the lack of communication from here! Have not been in the stamp room at all! It is starting to make me sad, but so much other stuff going on and Netflix has been winning the battle of what do to do when there is a free moment! Hope you are all staying well! I think I'm about done with Christmas shopping so maybe I can make it up there in the near future! I will let you know I've seen the upcoming Mini and SAB catties and of course they are full of fun new things 😍

On that note, SAB with be a little different this year. Actually, there will be 2! The original will occur during January and February. One catalog, no extension or additional items. The 2nd will occur in July and August and be *While Supplies Last*! Details to come on that! 🌻

OK, to the point! It is time to start the retirement process for the current Mini Catalog! Some items will continue to either the next Mini, or next Annual catalog. Others will retire, and some of those will be on sale! **Starting Tuesday, December 8!

I'm trying something here I haven't done recently, so please let me know if it does or doesn't work! The Lists are in Excel format so I've uploaded to Google Docs and hope that you can get from there! I can always email these too, just ask!

*Edited to add: I've updated the links and they should open. Hopefully! Sorry to the few of you who tried and it didn't work! Learning curve 😎

First, the Carryover List! (click to open!)

Next, the Retiring Items! (again, click!). and **NOTE** some of these are on sale! Far right column!!

Thanks all! Contact me if any questions!! 

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