Taking a Break!

from creating. I have a whopping 36 cards made to trade, but I also decorated a bag to carry. I'll share that tomorrow. For now, I thought I'd share a few pictures I've taken recently, non stamping. I got a new camera, in part to take to convention, so I had to try it out!!

Here's the view down my driveway from the front porch.

For you who aren't country residents, that is corn on the sides. It's between 7 & 8 feet tall. It has tasseled & is currently setting ears. That's where the $$$ is so we're hoping for some more rain! Here's a closer view of the corn, from the corner of the front porch looking to the side. The front yard is edged with the field corn.

Next are a couple of flower shots-I'm very happy with how they came out! I love these roses-the color is so vibrant. Knock Out Shrub roses if anyone is interested!

And a pot of Petunias. I have several around. They are a little chewed up by grasshoppers and windblown, but all in all, they look pretty good!

Lastly, even the dog Shadow decided to cooperate and pose for me. The boys were no where to be found!

Thanks for stopping by! I'm calling it a night and I'll try the creativity again in the morning, or more likely, after work. I will try and post the other 2 Club card samples tomorrow sometime!


Anonymous said...

I love photos! Thanks for sharing. I think your flowers look really good; nice composition in the pots. Our shrub rose has taken a real beating from insects chewing on the leaves.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! You are going to have lots of use for your camera at convention! Shadow has grown so much, and is very cute...the corn looks great, too! :D