Chalkboard Ovals

Hello all! Let me start by saying-I will stamp again!!! It's been a crazy few days. I spent the weekend getting my flowers and garden in. It looked great around the house Sunday when I was done. Then Tuesday evening a thunderstorm worked its way through and hailed & poured 2+ inches of rain! Not so pretty now, but nothing is destroyed just beaten down. It should all come back!!

I did do a project over the weekend that I've been wanting to do since I first saw these Chalkboard Decor Elements. Here are my coffee jars with their new style!!

A little background. For Christmas I bought my boys a "Cocomotion". It makes hot chocolate or instant coffees in a matter of minutes. I thought they'd like it for hot chocolate, turns out they prefer cappuccinos and such! (Looks like I need to work on spelling cappuccino correctly-oops!) I ordered some of those in bulk online and found these square jars to store them in. The jars are about 7 inches tall, 4 inches wide. These are the medium oval from the Oval Chalkboard Labels set (page 18 in the Summer mini). I couldn't find chalk in my local stores so I ordered some Chalk markers (who knew there was such a thing??) online and they are perfect! I tested one while writing these and it wipes right off with just a little water.

Back soon with retirement lists!!

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Diane McVey said...

Cute! Where did you find the chalk markers? I've been looking for them! My DE chalk thingys are coming in my next SU shipment! TIA! :D