Ordering Retiring Items

Hello all, just wanted to send a quick note and say I'll be putting in an order on Monday for retiring items. If you're close to me and would like to add something, please get in touch with me before Noon Monday. This is a great way to avoid the minimum shipping charge! And those of you in Beatrice or from Stamp Heaven, I am going to try very hard to get down there on the 25th so I can deliver then!!

Take a second look at the lists as they did add at least one stamp set, and the accessories list is being updated as product sells out.

Here are links to the retirement lists for :

Notes for the Accessories list: make sure you check the far right column. If it has a red X the item is no longer available. Also make sure and check the "reconfigured" column. If that is marked, the item will be available but in a different format. For instance, most of the punches are in that category. Only a few are actually being retired. If you have any question as to what is or isn't in the new book, contact me-I have it!!

Thanks all & hope to hear from you!!

6/13 Edited to add: the stamp set that I know was added is Music Expressions. Seems like I saw mention of a few others that aren't in the book, but I can't find that list now. You can always email me and I will look it up in the new book if there is something specific you wonder about.

And note, when you pull up the stamp set list, there should be a way to increase the size of it on your screen. At the top of my screen I have plus & minus buttons with a percentage beside them. Click the plus to enlarge it!!

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Gery Benton said...

What additional stamp set did they add to this list? That's just too many and it's too tiny to read through again! LOL Thanks for your help.