Retirement Lists

It's that time of year again!! Always a little sad, but a necessary thing to do so that SU! can make room for all the NEW goodies in the NEW catalog!! I will have mine in hand tomorrow-can't wait!!! Gotta love those Demo perks!!

Here are links to the retirement lists for :

A note on the accessories list: it is very long!!! Don't let that overwhelm you-it includes the cardstock, ink pads, markers, etc. in the colors that are going away. And note the "reconfigured" column. Some items are listed as the packaging or format of the item is changing. Don't panic before you see if that column has an asterisk!!!

And also make sure to note:
some of the accessories are listed at 25 & 50% off!

Order needed accessories ASAP-they are while supplies last!!

Contact me with any questions!!

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